Slide Physical Security Risk Assessment and insights that drive action Learn more See.AI extracts key actionable security risk intelligence to make informed, data-driven decisions quickly and effectively

Smart security risk management

See.AI is a data-driven SaaS solution that automates and consolidates the security assessment process, and manages response on a single digital platform--significantly reducing costs

We’ll help you—

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Standardize and streamline security assessment across facilities and teams

Consolidate intelligence to identify, assess, and mitigate emerging security risks; identifying insights and developing digital action plans to respond to your specific physical security risks
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Get ahead of new and emerging physical security risks

Deliver higher-quality insights, and drive informed management action with clear, explicit reports to navigate high-risk decisions
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Track progress to continuously improve

Benchmark risk mitigation performance against previous assessments and resolutions, across locations and facility types

Designed for CSOs & Security Risk Management leaders

See.AI helps security professionals protect the company’s assets, reputation and sustainability; and gives them the opportunity to provide leadership with actionable risk intelligence in easy-to-consume reports

Join See.AI and see the future of security risk management processes

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Site/Facility Physical Security Assessment Solution

Discover new physical security risks faster and take action quickly with advanced business process automation, machine-learning predictive analytics, and the automated ‘reports builder’ function
  • Measure, prioritize, improve
  • Spot and prioritize urgent performance gaps
  • Secure company facilities and events more efficiently
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Event Physical Security Planning Solution

Prepare a physical security action plan for an upcoming company event. Collect all data points on venue, staff and event participants in the Project Planner, and generate automatic security plans in real time
  • Smart automation builds in industry-standard best practices
  • Planning process saves time and sets priorities
  • Data-driven insights empower vital actions when they matter

The first SAAS platform designed to manage and modernize enterprise physical security

See.AI consolidates and automates manual security and compliance programs, providing actionable insights and communication tools while slashing implementation and maintenance costs

Less Security. More Secure.

Use See.AI to get secure, resilient, with vulnerabilities reduced, consequences minimized, threats identified and disrupted, and response and recovery hastened