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Our Vision:

See.AI is a leading company in the security environment that outfits businesses and security professionals with the resources they need. Its vision is to give businesses the best tools and guidance to remain secure, resilient, with vulnerabilities reduced, consequences minimized, threats identified and disrupted, and response and recovery hastened. See.AI enables security leaders to quickly understand their security risks through industry defining standards and provides the appropriate best practices and corresponding tasks (systemizing, optimizing and automating physical security and regulatory processes) to improve their organization’s security

Our Mission:

See.AI is on a mission to modernize the security and risk departments, and to assist them with mapping and navigating their risks, using a state-of-the-art SaaS platform. We use automated tools to get the job done in a fraction of the time, automating repetitive tasks and connecting the dots between risk departments. And we use advanced tools to bring all risk data into a single framework. Helping keep your business, employees and customers more secure

Our Leadership

See.AI was founded in 2020 by serial security and technology entrepreneurs

BG.(Res)Moshe Schneid


Chief Intelligence Officer, IDF
Commander, Intelligence and Technology units IDF
ELTA/IAI - Israeli Defense industry
Co-Founder, Birmeeza Technologies

Graham Gunst


Co-Founder Groundwerk (event security application)
Executive leadership roles at Acxiom, IBM and Leo Burnett
Led rebranding of US Army

Gustavo Paez


Architect at AWS Partnered Company
Tech Lead for Prestamo Express
Lead Engineer & Architect at OutlandHQ
Lead R&D computer vision department for WSP Mexico

Andrés Aguirre

Senior Developer

Bio by Aguirre.
Pending to Upload

Adam Sager

Founder and Board Member

Founder/CEO, Canary
Co-Founder, Community Security Service (national not-for-profit)
Founder, Outland Group
Former IDF

See.AI is part of the Outland Group which is pioneering technology solutions that usher the security market into the future

Outland brings leading builders and operators from the public and private sectors together with proven technologists to bridge the gap between frontier engineering, core business needs, and a growing, changing risk landscape

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