Slide Automate Your Security Site Assessment Routine Quickly & Cost Effectively
Learn more See.AI seamlessly connects the dots between all aspects of security to create a more intelligent and efficient way of securing your organization

A state-of-the-art SaaS platform

See.AI assembles advanced tools to bring all risk data into a single framework. Keeping your business, employees and customers more secure


Customized automated processes simplify and expedite data collection, enrichment analysis and dissemination capabilities


The multi-disciplinary data system uses advanced computing capabilities to transform data into actionable operational intelligence


A secure and regulation-compliant cloud-based platform--developed in accordance with open architecture and open source (COTS) principles--enables scalability, modularity and adaptation

See how it all comes together

See.AI assembles advanced business process automation and artificial intelligence tools in an easy-to-use centralized console (the ‘command console’) to identify risks, assess risks, respond to risks, monitor risks and report on risks
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See.AI consolidates information from all data points

Sync and store your data intelligence in one place. Digitize risk assessment schedules from across departments to build a comprehensive and customized security checklist
  • Organize relevant information
  • Standardize the assessment process
  • Customize content
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Build a Security Action Plan and Manage it Digitally

Create and assign tasks to team members, monitor plan progress, and keep teams in sync as intelligence updates occur
  • Manage multiple plans easily
  • Highlight important issues
  • Track mitigation progress
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Generate on-demand reports from any location

Put real-time physical risk data at your fingertips to check on status at any time. See.AI surfaces all key metrics in a single view, and provides alerts for next steps
  • Generate real-time customized reports
  • Track and compare results
  • Rely on fully-automated, attribute-based logic

Up to 6X Faster with Business Process Automation

Save millions of dollars and provide risk mitigation, information alignment and insights

Frequently Asked Questions

See.AI enables security leaders to quickly understand their security risks through industry-defined scoring, and provides the appropriate best practices and corresponding tasks (such as systemizing, optimizing and automating physical security and regulatory processes) organizations need to improve their scores. To make this happen, it relies on a team of security experts with many years of security experience

See.AI’s user-friendly platform is specifically designed to be used by employees that aren’t security professionals, and doesn’t require any special training

See.AI is creating additional tools, using similar data-driven methods, to help our clients mitigate other security concerns–for example, we are building a contact tracing module

Absolutely! Our platform operates in a secure environment and was developed in accordance with strict privacy and security regulations. Your company’s sensitive information is accessible only to your security department

Of course–there’s a reason we’re called ‘See.AI.’ Visualization tools have an essential role in the process, and are used for collecting information in a fully accessible way, easily presented in the different reports. See.AI is constantly developing new visualization tools according to new capabilities in the market–such as LIDAR

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